I am so sorry for the lack of blogs over the last few months. It has been a manic time! I have so much to write; sailing bits and bobs, foodie and health updates as well as announcing my plans for Tokyo 2020…which I am going to here and NOW.

I’m sure many of you know by now, but here it is officially. Online and published. 

I am going to be going for gold in Tokyo 2020, campaigning to be the most successful (not decorated) female Olympic sailor of all time. Now’s your chance sailing masterminds to correct me or forever hold your peace! 

Miami cruising. @nickdempseyphotography

Miami cruising. @nickdempseyphotography

The decision of which boat to sail, the question of whether I have really got the motivation, drive and willingness to make it happen, knowing that Sas has retired and I need a new partner whichever boat I end up in; these are all things that have been spinning round my head for the past year. It’s taken me a long time to come to the right (in my mind) decisions. 

This is not something I wanted to jump back into because it was the easy thing to do, heading out into the big wide world and getting a job is scary and something I will certainly have to face at some point. But this wasn’t why I came back. Brainstorming, understanding myself, my motivations, my passions and my happiness has led me back to sailing again. I am at my most happy and fulfilled when I am feeling driven, committed, motivated, achieving, empowering others, creating change, responsible and making a difference. Olympic campaigning and sailing tick all these boxes for me, so why not do another campaign? The working world can wait for now - but don’t worry I couldn’t be more excited for the next chapter post Olympic sailing and what that might hold.

2017 World Cup Final, Santander

2017 World Cup Final, Santander

The facts Feb 2018:

Boat for Tokyo: 470

Crew for Tokyo: The incredible Eilidh McIntyre - daughter to 1988 Olympic gold medallist Mike McIntyre. 

Eilidh has an awesome work ethic, brings a lot of motivation, youth! and skill to the campaign and I have no doubt we will be able to create a formidable team leading up to Tokyo

Sail Number: GBR 1

Current Motivation: Sky high

Current level as a team: World Championship Silver Medal 2017 - so much to learn, so much to get right before 2020

Current Financial status: looking for partners to join our journey to Tokyo 2020 

Current Fitness level: Room for Improvement

Current Health and Nutrition level:  Ongoing process but general upward trend