Give it a go! It only takes 2 minutes to make! 

One of my favourite breakfast smoothies... It makes you feel refreshed, awake and ready for the day! This recipe is so quick, there really is no excuse not to fit in a healthy breakfast. You just need a blender and the ingredients below :) 


Almond milk 250ml

Mixed berries - Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries - a small handful of each.

Banana - the riper the banana the less acidic it is.

Organic rolled oats  (gluten free if required) - add as many or few as you like. I usually add what would make a small amount of porridge, but it depends how much energy you need for the day; whether you are trying to lose a bit of weight or if you have a heavy gym session coming up. I would always advise adding a few oats, because they are great for making you feel full, but also release energy slowly. 



Throw everything into a blender - I like to use a Nutri-Bullet. Press the on button and wait for your breakfast to be ready! Experiment with how much almond milk you add - less milk means a thicker smoothie. The almond milk is essential because it helps to neutralise the acidity in the berries, which for me is a must.