Goal setting is clearly not the most interesting of topics! Eye rolling or yawning may commence. It is, however so important if you are trying to achieve something more than just going through the motions.

This is going to be a really simple, time saving, step by step guide to help you achieve things you didn’t think would be possible.

Some people like to do this on their own and others might like to ask someone they trust and respect to do this with them. The advantage of speaking to someone else about this is that they can offer thoughts, give ideas and review your progress with you along the way.

Pre sailing discussion in Rio about our goals and objectives for the day. Had to find any spots we could out there in the shade!

Pre sailing discussion in Rio about our goals and objectives for the day. Had to find any spots we could out there in the shade!

Step 1:

Choose your weapon!

A piece of paper, Excel Spreadsheet, PowerPoint document, (any other ideas? feel free to comment below if you know of a crazy new app or method!?!!) or any other way you can think of that you might find interesting to look back on in the near future. Personally, I like to use an excel spreadsheet as I like my goals to be easily modified, accessible and not get lost!

Step 2:

Write down your goal and the achieve-by date

This is the biggest and hardest part! Make your goal become a reality by writing it down and setting the completion date. Sometimes, it is hard to create an achieve-by date for a goal if it is related to your career, personal life or family (ie, if there are outside factors that can affect your timeline). However, I always think it is good to put one down, even if when you reach this date it’s not achieved, it at least gives you a time where you will properly review things and maybe modify the goal or get the motivation to push on knowing that you are close.

Start with the end goal in mind...!

Start with the end goal in mind...!

Step 3:

Who do you need to be to achieve your goal?

Write down 5-10 sentences that describe the person you need to be or become to achieve your goal. This should be a mixture of behaviors such as; strong and determined, have a positive outlook or being confident and communicative, and statements such as; become and expert in my specific field or get 9 hours sleep at least 3 nights a week.

Who do YOU need to be?

Who do YOU need to be?

Step 4:

Break it down and create a timeline of mini goals.

Using your 5-10 sentences, work back from your achieve-by date to the present day. Create milestones every couple of weeks or months depending on the goal and scale of it. The main thing here is that each mini-milestone is measurable. What I mean by that is something that you can easily tick off as being achieved. For example, being able to do 20 press-ups, complete a specific IT course or getting a promotion. NOT something that isn’t black or white like, run more often… or work more on computer skills….do you get the difference? Subtle, but important!

Step 5:

Review, review, review!

Decide how frequently you are going to look at your document! Normally, once a week, or once a month - set a date to do this.

At each review, you will need to assess where you are in relation to your timeline of mini milestones, and your 5-10 statements of yourself.  If you have a achieved a mini-milestone, mark it green (woop woop!), if you are close, mark it yellow and if you’re nowhere near, mark it red. This will, at least, let you know if you need to potentially modify your achieve-by date, or whether you need to up your game to achieve it faster!

Then I would advise going through your statements one by one, deciding if they are still relevant and again marking them red, yellow or green as to whether they describe you or not yet. If not, then you might need to look at your mini milestone goals to make sure you aren’t missing anything that would mean your statements won’t be marked green by the end of your journey.

An example of a goal-setting sheet can be seen below:

Example goal setting sheet - Becoming a sailing instructor

Example goal setting sheet - Becoming a sailing instructor

It can be difficult to get started with goal setting and if you need more help or have specific questions then please subscribe and get in touch via my contact page. I am so excited to hear about what you have achieved and hope that this goes a little way to helping you become who you want to be.

Hannah x


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