Hannah Mills


Hannah Mills


Life as a Olympic athlete can be quite interesting! Day to day, my life is filled with different challenges, choices and inspirations. I have chosen to blog about travel, lifestyle, mental wellness and nutrition because they link into everything I do. I can't wait to share the good, the bad and the ugly with you as well as some useful tips I have learnt along the way! Please subscribe below if you want to join my community of happy healthy living and follow my journey to Tokyo 2020.


Things I intend to focus my blogging around......



I'm committed to winning Olympic Gold while enjoying life to the full, loving the people around me and enjoying my time in this beautiful world. Becoming lactose intolerant has been a big challenge for me (fussy eater!) and I am looking forward to passing on some tips and recipes, but also hearing any ideas or thoughts that you guys have to share with me.



Having won an Olympic Gold, I have learnt a few things about performing under pressure, getting the best from myself and the team around me, but also learning to enjoy life and be happy with what I have. I hope to help and inspire you to achieve your goals and feel fulfilled in this challenging and changing world.


Travel Tips

Luxurious, stress free travel on a budget!! Can it be done? YES! Let me show you how... I've spent a lifetime on the road, hours trying to find the cheapest accommodation or flights, and way too much time battling with the check in desks at Ryanair or running a sprint interval through the airport trying not to miss a flight! I've certainly got a few hints and tips that I'm looking forward to sharing.


Olympic Lifestyle

My life revolves around winning an Olympic Gold medal. I love the challenge, the pressure of the competition and ultimately trying to be the best in the world at something. Winning or losing can often come down to the tiniest of margins and psychology becomes an integral part of our search for perfection.